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Eucalan Sample Packs

Eucalan Sample Packs

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Eucalan’s formula doesn't require that it be rinsed. With your first soak in Eucalan, you should likely see the water in the wash basin turn a bit brown. The soap releases dirt into the wash basin, & though the clothing absorbs a little of the soap, it is beneficial. Lanolin fortifies & conditions clothing fibres; This is particularly great for woolens & knits but can be used on most anything.

Scented with only pure essential oils, some of them contain long-term cleaning properties that are intended to remain in the clothing to further benefit from; Think swimsuits & lingerie that lie close to the skin, or blankets & knitted sweaters that get packed away for the cold months.

Eucalan’s no-rinse formula is also convenient – great for travel when you’re not likely to have a washing machine or are seeking to conserve water.

If you still feel the urge to rinse, it is safe to do so. The soap has done its job of cleaning, though you will lose the lasting effects of the lanolin & essential oils.

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