Check out these free Yarn Dragon Patterns.

Powers of 2 Chevron Scarf

Power up for when two guys get together and design a shawl. Working with chevrons and lace to create a moth-shaped shawl that won't disappoint. This easy shawl is worked from the middle outward using very easy to remember pattern sequences. 

Salem Cowl

Salem Scarf

Barbara Walker identified this mosaic pattern as Jerusalem Cross, which always reminds me of the Stephen King novel, em Salem’s Lot, hence the name of this scarf. The pattern may be adapted to thicker yarn by going up in needle size and reducing the number of pattern repeats accordingly. Instructions are provided for either a scarf or a cowl, with the scarf being knit back-and-forth and the cowl in the round.

Triple Dragon Double Garter

Triple Dragon Double Garter Scarf 

Using multiple of 3 colors from the Yarn Dragon color pallet, creates a stunning fade scarf by combining broken- or double-garter stitch pattern. For a truly artistic flare, use 6 or 9 coordinating colors to make a show-stopping piece.  

Afterthought Socks

Afterthought Socks

This toe-up sock pattern uses an afterthought heel: Scrap yarn is used to make an afterthought heel by knitting half the stitches in the round with scrap yarn where the heel should be placed. After the rest of the sock has been knit, the stitches immediately above and below the scrap yarn are picked up on the needles; the scrap yarn is picked out, and the heel is knit on the now- active stitches. If you prefer to knit the socks top down, you can easily reverse the knitting; the afterthought heel is worked the same whether the sock is knit toe-up or top down.

Bye Bye Boring Garter

Bye Bye Boring Garter

Tired of knitting garter stitch? Choose one of 16 different patterns for easy and fun scarves. 

Spiral Hat

Spiral Hat

What do you get when you take 4 different colors of Yarn Dragon - Dragon Tails and make a hat? An easy helix knit hat that gives you a spell-binding look. 

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves Shawl


The original Ocean Waves Shawl pattern used a rather unimaginative crocheted border. In updating and re- formatting this pattern, I added a Shark’s Tooth Edging as a border on all three sides. The border evokes white caps dancing along the crests of the larger, undulating waves the ripple out through the symmetric triangles of this classically shaped top-down triangular shawl. Two skeins of Sophistisock are needed for the smaller shawl, and three skeins are needed for the larger shawl. Row-by-row and charts are provided, with all charts appearing at the end of the pattern.

Sideways Baby Sweater

Sideways Baby Sweater

This easy to knit side-to-side baby sweater, with as few seams as possible because I really hate sewing in sleeves. The knitting is very straight forward and Sophistisock yarn works wonderfully.

Trellis Shawlette


Linen Stitch Scarf


Brioche Hat


Crescent Waves


Weird Sisters


Profusion of Peas Shawl


Tweed Scarf


Atexi Cowl